The Economic Development Board of Madagascar or EDBM is in charge of promoting and facilitating domestic and foreign direct investments in Madagascar.

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Madagascar economy is mainly dependent on the mining industry. The agricultural products also have great contribution to the economy. Coffee, cloves, sugarcane, cocoa and vanilla are the cash crops.



The main food crops are rice, beans, bananas, cassava and peanuts. People raise goats, sheep, cattlle, etc. Fishing also holds a major position. Forestry is equally important. Recently manufacturing are covering a large area of economy. It includes agricultural products, beverages and textiles. Oil and natural gases are gaining importance gradually.

The Economy and Business of Madagascar are centered on mineral resources. , the main mineral resources are coal, bauxite, graphite, industrial beryl, zircon, garnets and chromate. Vanilla, coffee, sugar, textile also have a good export market.

Gem Mining in Madagascar:
A reserve of different kinds of gems, Madagascar depends largely on the mining and export of its gems for earning foreign currencies. Gem mining in Madagascar, thus constitutes a principal aspect of the economy of the island. The gems found in Madagascar have given the country its worldwide fame. Abounding in gems like rubies, sapphires, emeralds, apatites, hessonites, lolites, tourmalines, aqua, quartz, beryl etc, Madagascar has gem mining as one of the major fields of mining.


Madagascar gem mining is carried out at various regions of the island where gemstones are found. The gemstone mines of Madagascar are distributed all over the country. Madagascar contains a number of colorful and good quality gems that are of high value in the gems industry of the world. The northern areas of Madagascar yield gems like ruby, aquamarine and emerald. The mountains of the central region produce a number of gems as well. The eastern coast of the country is rich in garnet, ruby etc. The mines of the south-central region contain sapphires of various colors like blue, pink .


Gem mining in Madagascar is an important activity in terms of occupation as well as business. Madagascar gemstone mining is a lucrative business and simultaneously opens job prospects for a large number of people living in the country. It thus helps in increasing employment besides being a major source of foreign currency earner.